The ArtCrush Gallery is a growing team of Digital Art enthusiasts: artists, collectors, curators, entrepreneurs & citizens of the world.


Together, we have one mission: to bring outstanding Digital Art in the heart & life of millions.


In August 2022, the ArtCrush Gallery started showcasing Digital Art in the streets of our cities, starting with Brussels & spreading rapidly. In order to do so, the ArtCrush Gallery partners with forward thinking out-of-home companies. In partnership with those actors of the public space, the ArtCrush Gallery puts space in digital outdoor billboards to work in favor of the Digital Arts & Artists.


The ArtCrush Gallery community members are at the heart of our work: they own a share of ArtCrush, fund the ArtCrush Gallery and vote on key evolutions of the ArtCrush Gallery, amongst others. Join us and help us change our cities forever with Digital Art.