At Artcrush, we bring digital art in the life & heart of millions through exhibitions of digital art in billboards all over the world.

We are building world’s largest digital art gallery, with a first objective of 6000 daily screen active by September 2023
Collectors & investors may apply to become a founding member of the here:

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Stage 0: CLOSED
  • - Who: FFF (Friends, Family & Fools)
  • - Price: 0.125 Eth / 212$
  • - Till March 20th: Early Collectors & Artists (with 1 share)
Stage 1: CLOSED
  • - Who: Artists 1/1 Collectors (& similar)
  • - Price: 0.15 Eth / 270$
  • - Where: Closed Discord Groups / Twitter Spaces
Stage 2: CLOSED
  • - Who: Artists Collectors Groups (& similar)
  • - Price: 0.2 Eth / 360$
  • - Where: Discord Groups / Twitter Spaces
Stage 3: CLOSED
  • - Who: Whitelisted winners
  • - Price: 0.29 Eth / 495$
  • - Where:
  • - With Times Square Exhibition
Stage 4:
  • - Who: Public Sale (if any left)
  • - Price: 0.35 Eth / 595 $
  • - With Times Square Exhibition

Note: maximum 5 per wallet

Membership Utility

1. Win Digital Art with an average value of 0.4 ETH (we will raffle off 825 ETH worth of Art during the next few years to our 2000 members). These exclusive artworks include pieces by renowned artists like Hackatao, Jake Fried, Lucréce, Reuben Wu and many emerging talents, all meticulously selected by our team of expert curators.

2. Premier NFT Access: As a Member, you hold the key to priority access to our highly coveted NFT releases. Gain exclusive early access to exceptional digital artworks from renowned artists, ensuring you stay one step ahead.

3. Get access to our « Members Only » Open Calls, published on the reserved section of our Discord channel.

4. VIP Events: Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of artistic grandeur with our exclusive invitations to VIP events. Be the first to witness breathtaking art exhibitions, attend prestigious gallery openings, mingle with prominent artists, and connect with influential industry professionals. Your Membership opens doors to unforgettable experiences and relationship-building opportunities.

5. Personalized Art Digest: Stay in the know with our personalized art digest. Delivered straight to your inbox, this carefully curated newsletter keeps you informed about the latest trends, artist spotlights, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, and tailored content that aligns with your unique interests. Prepare to be inspired.

6. Thriving Community Engagement: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded collectors and artists within our vibrant community. Engage in dynamic discussions, collaborate on exciting projects, and share ideas within our members-only forums. This interactive space fosters inspiration, creativity, and growth while expanding your network within the art world.

7. Curated Art Collections: Delve into carefully curated art collections, meticulously handpicked by our team of experts. Explore a diverse range of styles, discover emerging talents, and enhance your personal art collection with our expert recommendations. Expand your artistic horizons and uncover hidden gems that speak to your soul.

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