At ArtCrush, we bring digital art in the life & heart of millions through exhibitions of digital art in billboards all over the world.

We are building world’s largest digital art gallery, with a first objective of 3000 daily active digital screens by June 2023.
Collectors & Investors can buy a membership.

Membership Utility

Preferred access to NFT drops of our partner Artists (March until December 2023).
Mint right of 1 ArtCrush NFT (to be minted in June 2023).

Some of our exhibitions (or sometimes some days of our exhibitions) are reserved for Art of our members only. So for those days, our curation team will only select Art that is proposed by our members.
This does not guarantee exhibition of the art of every member but significantly increases the chances of being exhibited. Access to reserved parts of the Discord Invitation to VIP events (with our partner Artists).

Other perks to be revealed.

How to buy

To pay with Crypto, please send 0,25 Eth per membership from your hereunder mentioned Wallet to the Artcrush Eth Wallet:


To pay in EUR, fill in your email and press the button below.

Step 1: enter your email

Step 2: enter your ETH wallet address

Step 3: how many do you want?

Max 10 per wallet!

Note: 10 per e-mail & per Eth Wallet