artist Reinhard Schmid

Reinhard Schmid

Reinhard Schmid has been a professional artist for over 30 years. His fantastic and surreal images are based on a general concept he calls the Venusmachine, which combines hard technical and soft sensuous elements in a yin-yang-like balance. His art provides a glimpse into a world of surreal hilarity, seasoned with a dash of irony, a hint of eroticism, and a touch of eccentric humor. He frequently employs his traditional paintings as a foundation for his digital art. Reinhard Schmid's art is a playful alternative to the overload of negative news and challenges of modern life by cultivating an upbeat attitude. He seeks to spark curiosity and encourage thinking outside the box, inviting viewers to explore unconventional ideas and gain different perspectives. By tapping into the subconscious, his art aims to develop expanded awareness and heightened sensitivity, allowing viewers to explore the depths of their own minds and the mysteries of the world around us.


Exhibited by Artcrush


NFT NYC 2023

Magic Lines