artist Ottis


Ottis (b. 1996) is a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro. He began painting Graffiti on the streets in 2010 and now paints his artworks in Virtual Reality. Ottis is known for his ability to blend new technologies with the essence of Graffiti, creating truly unique, impactful, and immersive artworks. In addition, Ottis has gained international attention for his Augmented Reality experience called Purple Valley, which transforms nature into a fantasy purple hue. People from all over the globe choose to use the effect on a daily basis, with the number of shares surpassing the 30 million mark, more than 200 million photos being taken in over 60 countries, and was also featured in Vogue Brazil. He has worked with teams from major Metaverses like CryptoVoxels, has been invited to do interviews on big TV channels such as CNN Brazil, and his work has been shown at the traditional Museum of Art of Rio de Janeiro.


Exhibited by Artcrush

A New Beginning

San Fransisco


NFT NYC 2023