artist  GT Sewell

GT Sewell

GT Sewell (GT) is a sculptor, photographer, & installation artist using both digital x physical [dxp] mediums. His works begun on the streets of Melbourne, Australia as a graffiti artist progressing into street art sculpture. As street art culture launched into the mainstream limelight, GT quickly moved into the fine art gallery scene with his pop art sculpture and photography referencing meme culture. His tongue in check and thought provoking works won him awards and sell out exhibitions. He strongly believes in the synergy between street art and cryptoart cultures. Delivering art to the world, publicly, freely. GT's works often take the onlooker beyond aesthetics into thought provoking emotion and action. He has been an avid supporter, both IRL/URL of the cryptoart scene since 2017, first minting in 2020. Also launching the worlds 1st (at the time) full-time cryptoart gallery in 2020 (4RC4DE), which has now become OSHI Gallery, a CultureB4Capital web3 & digital art space. GT currently resides in Melbourne and is working on a dynamic NFT collection titled 'StaticFlow'.


Exhibited by Artcrush

Miami Or Bust

Art Basel Miami 2022


San Fransisco


NFT NYC 2023