artist Farrah Carbonell

Farrah Carbonell

Born and based in the bustling metropolis of New York City but raised in the vibrant city of Manila, Farrah is a former fashion model turned photographer and AI artist who has captivated audiences worldwide with her captivating portraits. Her exceptional talent has earned her a place in the prestigious KnownOrigin Hall of Fame Creator, and her works have been exhibited in some of the world's most iconic cities, including New York City, London, Rome, Paris, and Brussels. Farrah recently collaborated with legendary musical icon in the Philippines, Ely Buendia, further cementing her status as a top creator in the industry. She has also collaborated with other top artists, further showcasing her versatility and artistic range. Her hypnotic, captivating, and mesmerizing portraits have earned her a devoted following, with viewers often left spellbound by the intricate detail and emotional resonance of her works. Through her art, she seeks to inspire others to embrace their own creativity and explore the limitless possibilities of the human imagination. Relentless and always exploring, Farrah is also an ultramarathon enthusiast, constantly pushing herself to new heights both physically and creatively. Her dedication to her craft and her relentless pursuit of excellence have made her a true standout in the world of art.


Exhibited by Artcrush



San Fransisco
NFT NYC 2023Amsterdam